Berkshire turf laying advice

Top Tips for Laying Turf


  • Remove vegetation or the old lawn turf before cultivating.
  • Cultivate thoroughly so that you can create a good environment for the new roots to grow (4" min).
  • Don't worry too much about stones but pay plenty of attention to levels.
  • To finalise ground levels before laying turf - skim with a dry screened topsoil or sharp sand.


      • Lay your turf as soon as it arrives (same day).
      • Have the ground ready and prepared before the turf arrives.
      • Separating the rolls of turf from each other to allow air to circulate will help keep it a little longer.
      • Don't water the turf before you lay It but water as soon as it is down in dry weather.
      • In dry weather, water the soil before you lay your turf.
      • Use a sharp knife when you need to cut the turf e.g. Stanley knife.
      • Lay the turf off plywood boards or scaffold planks.


      • Water your turf frequently until it is established in dry weather.
      • Mow the new turf sooner rather than later.
      • Mow it regularly at the same cutting height.
      • Don't use a 'weed and feed' fertilizer until the roots are well established. The 'weed' control element of the application can kill the turf.
      • The key to fertilizer application is 'little and often'.
      • In shady areas grow the grass longer and watered.
      • Grass doesn't like shade so reduce shade where possible.
      • In the Autumn, sweep leaves off the lawn. Leaves on the lawn can severely damage the turf if left.