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Berkshire Turf Garden Turf
Berkshire Turf - High quality and hard wearing turf

This is the ultimate lawn turf in terms of quality and versatility and is also competitively priced.

23 cultivars from five different grass species are used. Each cultivar has been carefully chosen to produce a completely versatile and adaptable turf which is suited to a wide range of climatic and soil environments.

It has a high shoot density, is hard wearing, it looks good and is easy to look after. It establishes quickly and has good disease resistance, some drought tolerance and also has good winter colour.

Turf Roll Sizes

Each turf roll measures 1 square metre.

The dimensions are 1640mm/65inches long by 610mm/24inches wide. The thickness is approximately 15mm.

Turf roll size

We also do 'Big Roll' turf for larger projects. Big rolls of turf measure 22 square metres and require additional equipment to lay them.

Big roll of turf

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