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Chilworth Lawn Turf

Buy premium Lawn Turf and topsoil online from Chilworth’s leading and long-established Lawn Turf Suppliers. Your family-run and trusted Lawn Turf supplier in Chilworth GU4.

Berkshire Turf is one of the leading growers and suppliers of quality turf grass in Chilworth GU4. We are experienced turf suppliers in Chilworth who pride themselves on their friendly and professional service and excellent turf across Chilworth GU4.

Order Lawn Turf online in Chilworth

We make it easy and efficient to buy fresh turf online in Chilworth GU4. Our online turf calculator and quoting system will help you determine how much turf and topsoil you need, and choose a delivery date. But our friendly customer service team is also available to answer any questions or provide expert advice for your Chilworth garden turf ideas.

Affordable, Premium Lawn Turf in Chilworth - Delivered to Your Door

Unlike some suppliers, we don't stock turf. We harvest our Chilworth lawn turf the day before it's delivered to our Chilworth customers, so you can be sure that you're getting the freshest, highest quality turf in Chilworth GU4 possible.

Order your Lawn Turf turf online today and get it delivered to your Chilworth home within 48 hours!

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Why choose Berkshire Turf?

Berkshire Turf has been providing high quality, freshly cut garden turf and topsoil for over 30 years.

  • Turf supplier for over 30 years
  • Fast delivery to your home
  • Fresh product
  • Turf Cut to order
  • Friendly and efficient
  • Domestic and trade customers
  • Fully insured

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Lawn Turf Rolls - Freshly cut & delivered to Chilworth

Our Chilworth Lawn Turf products

Lawn Turf delivered to Chilworth

Premium Lawn Turf

Our premium lawn turf is made with 23 carefully selected cultivars from five different grass species, making it versatile and adaptable to a wide range of climates and soil conditions.

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Topsoil delivered to Berkshire

Premium Topsoil

Our multi-purpose topsoil is ideal for landscaping, planting, and turf laying year-round. It is easy to rake out and free draining, making it the perfect choice for a variety of garden projects.

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Turf Rolls Chilworth

Berkshire Turf supplies its quality lawn turf as rolled turf in Chilworth GU4. This makes laying quick and easy, allowing the lawn turf rolls to roll across your garden and create a beautiful lawn.

Each lawn turf roll is freshly cut the day before your delivery date to ensure that only the freshest, high-quality lawn turf arrives at your door.

Our turf rolls are approximately 1.64m in length and 0.61m wide, making one turf roll equal to 1 square metre – unlike many big brands, who opt for smaller 1-yard rolls – although they may seem easier to lift, this size difference is often not reflected in the price.

Use our lawn turf calculator to figure out how much lawn turf you need to order for your Chilworth home.

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Lawn Turf Supplier in Chilworth

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Berkshire Turf supply and deliver freshly cut garden turf directly to you usually within 48 hours of ordering. We're Chilworth's #1 turf suppliers near me Chilworth

Berkshire Turf has been supplying turf for over 30 years in Chilworth and, grass for gardens and topsoil for over 25 years and is highly respected in the industry.

Best lawn turf price Chilworth GU4 – For turf grass orders and enquiries please call 01483 351007

Try our online turf calculator for the best grass turf prices

cheap Lawn Turf Chilworth

Order Lawn Turf to Chilworth before 11am, for our fastest delivery

Lawn Feed Chilworth

Having laid your quality lawn turf, you will want to keep it looking its best. It’s a fact that lawn turf benefits from regular feeding. Without extra nutrients, the grass soon uses up plant food reserves in the soil and then turns pale and thin.

However, it is important to not use a ‘weed and feed’ fertilizer until the roots are well established. The ‘weed’ control element of the application can kill the turf.

Some lawn feed treatments in Chilworth just feed your garden lawn, but others have added ingredients such as weed killers and /or moss killers. Some lawn feeds are better than others as they can release nitrogen and feed over several weeks rather than in one rush soon after application.

Please go to our caring for your lawn page for more information.

Chilworth Lawn Turf delivery

Lawn Top Dressing Chilworth

Lawn Top Dressing refers to the process of applying a mixture of different materials over the lawn’s surface and is different to a lawn feed. This gardening method has several benefits, but it’s most widely known for producing stunning-looking lawns.

Top dressing usually consists of a mixture of materials such as soil, sand, loam, and peat which should be mixed in a way to resemble the existing soil in composition. As topdressing will eventually become a part of the root zone, it’s essential that it blends well with the already established soil. Please refer to our caring for your lawn page to keep your Chilworth turf grass looking as good as the day it was laid.

affordable Lawn Turf Chilworth

Why choose Berkshire Turf as your Turf Supplier in Chilworth?

We are Chilworth’s oldest Turf supplier with over 30 years of experience in growing and delivering quality, affordable lawn turf to our Chilworth customers. Over the years, our expertise has refined our Lawn Turf to give you the very best turf grass available to buy online or in-store.

  • Specialist professional service
  • Experienced and qualified
  • Friendly and personal service
  • We keep you informed
  • High tech machinery
  • Clean and tidy
  • Thorough, good-quality work
  • Freshly cut excellent turf.

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Lawn Turf that brings your home to life!

Lawn Turf near me Chilworth

With our Rolled Turf in Chilworth, you can be sure that your garden will benefit from long-lasting, fantastic quality Lawn Turf. All our Turf Grass is quality inspected to ensure we are giving you the best turf possible. We love seeing what our customers do with our turf, so take some pictures of your finished project and send them to us at!

Useful Chilworth turf videos

Full instructions for those who want to lay turf themselves or you could use our laying service where we do all the hard work for you.

Berkshire Turf are turf suppliers Chilworth

Not in Chilworth but still need turf rolls near me Chilworth?

If you are in another location, we also deliver to a wide area within the United Kingdom and not just Chilworth.

Looking for more than lawn turf in Chilworth?

We provide fast and affordable Lawn Turf delivery across Chilworth. If you are looking for something else, we offer a variety of products that you can have delivered to your address.

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